Upon registration, the first month’s tuition and registration fee are due. These fees are non-refundable. Cash, credit cards, and checks are accepted.

Our tuition is based on a September through May session and is divided into 9 monthly installments. A student is expected to complete the whole season through May. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of holidays, spring break, school holidays, Mardi Gras, season start date, and recital dates. We do continue classes after recital and our last date of classes can be found on our important studio dates below. ~No drops will be allowed after March 1.

Tuition is due on the first of each month. All payments received after the 10th of each month will carry a $15 late fee. All returned checks will be charged a $30 insufficient funds fee. To keep costs to a minimum we do not send out monthly statements.

Any medical issue involving injury must be presented with a doctor’s note to receive tuition credit  in the case of extended abscenes (ie: broken bones, etc).

In the event of inclement weather, we do not offer make up classes or class refunds.

Open/overdue accounts must be paid in full or student will not be allowed to participate in class.


If a student withdraws from a class, the parent must fill out a drop form at the desk or the student will continue to be billed for classes. Please note that the month the class is dropped, tuition for that month and any prior tuition must be paid in full at time of withdrawal. We must have a 30 day drop notice.~No drops will be allowed after March 1


Costumes are required for each routine a student performs in the recital; prices range from $70 – $100. Costume money is non-refundable. Costume payments are due in full on October 30. Our costume orders will be placed in November. Tuition must be paid and up to date in order for students to bring home costumes.

The recital is at the Mobile Civic Center. Our recital will be May 5, 2024, times TBA. Rehearsal will be April 28, 2024, time TBA.  A non-refundable recital fee of $85 per family is required and due by January 10th. This will cover the cost of performing in a professionally produced recital and one dancer pass. This fee helps defray the cost of this large production that includes state of the art lighting, backdrops, stagehands, lighting and sound technicians, and security. There is no set day to purchase tickets-no waiting overnight to purchase your tickets. We start selling seats in February and we sell tickets until we sell out. Our recital seating is open seating-non reserved seats. *Recital tickets are not released until May tuition is paid and all accounts are up to date. Tickets are non-refundable.  



1. There must be a minimum of 6 students in class in order for it to remain on our schedule. If this is not met, we will assign students into an available class.

2. Parents must not leave children, or their siblings and friends, unattended before and after class. Our staff is not responsible for your child once they are dismissed from class or before classes begin.

3. Please watch your personal items at all times as we are not responsible for valuables left around the studio.

4. Dress code must be met at all times or the students will not be allowed to participate in class. Cover-ups must be worn to and from class.

5. No food or drink, other than water, is allowed inside the classrooms. Water can be brought in only if in sports bottle or plastic water bottle. No open containers.

6. No refunds will be issued. When the student enrolls with Broadway South, it is understood they will complete the 9 month dance term. Accounts must be up to date. Students may not participate unless account is paid and current (no past due payments).

7. If a student needs to leave class early for any reason, a note must accompany the child to class.


9. Good attendance is necessary for students to progress in their art. Please keep absences to a minimum. However, if your child has a contagious illness please keep them home!

10. If a student arrives to class more than 10 minutes late, they will view the class in the classroom and not dance. Proper warm up is necessary to prevent injuries.

11. If you feel you need to discuss certain issues with the teachers, you may do so by reserving a conference time. Our front desk staff can assist you in scheduling a time. Our teachers like to keep communication open with our parents but are not allowed to have conference time interfere with class time.