Showstoppers was a great weekend for us earning us numerous Crystal Awards. We placed Top Production, Top Senior Duo/trio, Top Teen Large, 2nd Teen Large, 3rd Teen Large, Top Mini Duo/trio, Top Mini Small, 2nd Mini Small, Top Mini Large, 2nd Mini Large, Jr. Duo/Trio 2nd and 4th, Jr. Large 2nd and Junior  Small 3rd, Senior Large 2nd and Senior Small 3rd and 6th, Teen Duo/Trio 3rd and 5th, Teen Small 5th and 9th, Solos: Mini-EmeK 1st, Allie 2nd, Violet 3rd, Hannah B 4th, Jr Sam 3r, Destinee 4th, Madiline 5th, Lulu 7th, Briana 9th, Ella 10th. Teen Piper 3rd , Emily 5th, Carek 7th, Zipporah 8th, Lauren P 10th. Sr: Michayla 3rd, Mallory 5th, Abby K 7th.

Performance group also attended and competed under the recreational category: Top Production, Tn Large 5th, Jr. Large 4th, Mini solos: Bella 4, Hayley 5, Junior: August 9th and Courtney 10th, Jr. Duo 5, 6, and 10th. Sr Solos: Emily 6 and Kayla 10, Baylie Teen solo-2nd.


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