We attended Masquerade and had a great weekend. Top honors include: Michayla Sr. Miss Masquerade and Emerson Petite Ms. Masquerade, Madeline Jr. Steven Boyd Award, Parade of Stars: Emerson, Michayla, Ariel, Lauren P, Caylyn, Samantha, Madeline, Hannah Beth. Top Senior small, Top Senior Large, Junior Spirit Award, Top Petite duo, Top Petite Small group, 2nd and 3rd Petite small group,Jr. Line 2nd and 3rd,  Teen Small 3rd-Solos: Emek 1st, Hannah B 2nd, Ella 3rd overall, Samanth 5th, Caylyn 8th, Ariel teen 3rd, Mallory Teen 9th, Michayla 2nd.


Our Performance Group also attended and participated in the recreational level: 2nd petite solo Bella, August 4th Jr., Jr trio 1st, Baylie teen 5th, Emily Sr. 2nd and Kayla Sr. 3rd, Top Line.


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